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About us you need to know


Libertex Investment & Trading Platform is involved in Bitcoin mining. Today, when cryptocurrency is one of the fastest-growing spheres of the investment market, this modern company is involved in financial activities related to Bitcoin mining and further trading. Experienced technical staff is cautious and do its utmost for the safety of your investment and stable daily profits.

Why Bitcoin mining so interesting for us? First of all, because Libertex Investment & Trading Platform has own powerful mining hardware and enough skills to use it. Second, we have the best experienced technicians who know how to ensure uninterrupted processes and control the work of the mining rigs. Not long ago, barely anyone had even heard of Bitcoin. After its price skyrocketed in the fall of 2013 and after the spectacular crash in early 2014, more and more people became interested in this cryptocurrency, and some of them even started mining it. While it’s becoming more and more difficult to mine - Libertex Investment & Trading Platform uses the most powerful hardware for this process and getting the most profit. Currently, Bitcoin is quite frequently close to being the news of the day in the business section of every news portal. Usually due to its high price fluctuations and the stories of people it has made into millionaires.


Cryptocurrency have been taking the Internet by storm for the past several years now, but what is exactly Bitcoin? For Libertex Investment & Trading Platform this is a digital currency, which is widely used across the world as a stable alternative to various forms of legal tender. One of the major benefits of a digital currency is its ability to circumvent the need for a central bank. This makes Bitcoin secure and attractive as a currency since the mining of cryptocurrency isn’t regulated by any outside agents.


Our experience traverses each industry and challenge apart from Bitcoin mining, which gives us an extraordinary viewpoint that we bring to each customer relationship. We help you see the world in an unexpected way, find openings you may never have envisioned and accomplish results that connect what is with what can be.
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Advanced Manufacturing & Services:
We are centered around aiding our mechanical customers, across all areas, activate their associations to convey practical outcomes.
Aviation, Defense and Government Services:
Libertex has helped customers occupied with more than 100 distinctive subsectors of the aviation, Security and space markets to address squeezing industry difficulties and execute logical answers for fuel development.
We work close by customers to expect potential industry distinct advantages, apply a separated perspective on rural patterns and openings, and fabricate demonstrated, fruitful plans of action.
Aircrafts and Transportation:
Scarcely any businesses are just about as requesting as transportation administrations. That is the reason it is basic to execute high-sway procedures rapidly and viably.
Car and Mobility:
We help top administration settle on advancement choices that create productive development through advanced expense positions and expanded effectiveness.
Synthetic compounds:
Libertex brings profound synthetic substances market insight and the capacity to draw exercises from different enterprises that have encountered comparative degrees of disturbance.
Customer Products:
Complex customer conduct, retail combination and developing business sectors are making new difficulties—and openings—for shopper items organizations.
Energy and Natural Resources:
We give profound experience across the oil and gas and utilities and renewables areas to convey operational greatness and fuel vital development.
Monetary Services:
We help monetary foundations, from banking and protection to abundance the board and protections circulation, oversee dangers and serve clients.
Timberland Products, Paper and Packaging:
We work with key timberland items, paper and bundling organizations to settle on the best essential choices and to improve working execution in this requesting market climate.
Medical services:
Medical services organizations should distinguish approaches to convey better incentive for patients, fuel advancement and decrease the expense and intricacy of working frameworks.
Framework, Construction and Building Products:
We work with the world's driving development and building items firms to reliably accomplish positive outcomes across ideal and horrible market conditions.
Hardware and Equipment:
Libertex works with the world's driving makers of hardware, gear, frameworks and controls to explore shifts popular from develop to creating markets.
The media business is amidst a general computerized change—propels in innovation and framework are reshaping how substance is devoured.
Metals and Mining:
We help the world's biggest metals and mining organizations settle on basic choices about technique, execution improvement, association and M&A.
Oil and Gas:
Libertex upholds oil and gas organizations' basic choices across a wide scope of key and operational capacities.
Private Equity:
Libertex is the main counseling accomplice to the private value industry and its key partners. We exhort financial backers across the whole speculation life cycle.
Advanced innovation, developing business sector openings and changing shopper patterns are placing more factors in transition for the retail business than any time in recent memory.
Social and Public Sector:
The philanthropic, government and advanced education areas assume a critical part in the worldwide economy—and in the existences of individuals all throughout the planet.
As chiefs in the innovation space surely understand, running programming, equipment and innovation administration organizations presents one of a kind administration challenges.
Broadcast communications:
The test for all broadcast communications organizations is picking where and how to take part in the developing business sectors.
Utilities and Renewables:
Changes welcomed on by expanding fuel blend, supply dispersion issues, and item cost instability are making new difficulties for utilities organizations.

Bitcoins solves the problem which most digital currencies fail to solve: how to make sure that digital signatures weren’t being used multiple times.